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We offer intensive, progressive and customized courses for both young and adult learners at all levels of proficiency in a variety of languages. We make language learning effective and enjoyable through the use of communicative teaching methods, experienced and qualified teachers, small classes and tailored learning programmes. ENGLISH ACADEMY has a reputation for offering high-quality language courses in a friendly learning environment with approachable faculty and staff.

As well as the programmes we run at the centre, we are continuing to build on our successful experience of delivering customized training courses to corporate clients, small groups and individuals. We also deliver courses for specific purposes, such as Business English, IELTS preparation, and academic writing.

Motto, Vision & Mission


          Providing Quality Education For An Excellent Future


aims to be a leading learning centre in providing quality education for both local and international students. The centre ensures to provide the vital skills and confidence to prepare students to be a contributing member of the community and society in general. As a centre of learning and service, ENGLISH ACADEMY takes pleasure in efficiently and effectively using the resources at its disposal and strives to continuously improve itself, its programs, and its technology.


The Mission of ENGLISH ACADEMY is to to establish an effective, efficient and flexible learning centre which provides relevant, high quality and innovative programmers reflecting current market demand in local and international level. The overall aim of the center is to provide conducive learning environment to enhance growth for both students and staff.

Student Services
Student ServicesStudent ActivitiesAirport Pick and Local TransportationUniversity Enrollment ServicesHealthcare and Insurance
At English Academy, we believe in creating a student environment that is as conducive to learning as it is fun and exciting. The services that we offer are intended to benefit you and expedite your progress and discovery. Our English Academy Student Advisors are friendly, helpful and experienced in dealing with your needs and answering any queries you might have. Get to know them; they are an integral part of your new family here!

Every intake, our English Academy Student Advisors organize fun social gatherings, activities and trips that encourage intermingling and socializing between fellow students and the English Academy staff. These student activities allow students the opportunity to have fun with their friends outside the classroom, as well as practice English among themselves and with others. Activities include going to the movies, playing sports, games, and participating in cultural events.

  • Transportation will be provided from the Airport (KLIA/LCCT)
  • Public buses are available to transport you from your Apartment to the Centre and back to your apartment

It is a well known fact that Malaysia is ranked among the top countries that provide excellent academic institutions ranging from universities, colleges and schools which offer the best education services. Malaysian education centers have all types of institutes that cater to all your needs, from Medical studies to Social Sciences, Engineering to Business Management, Information Technology to Hotel Management.


English Academy has been entrusted by many institutions to facilitate students to venture into the education field in Malaysia. Here at English Academy, we offer special counseling sessions for students who aspire to join institutions of higher learning here in Malaysia, or anywhere in the World. Our Student Advisors would be more than happy to share their knowledge and experience on the various institutions in Malaysia as well as abroad. They will also help you in the application process – from filling up the enrolment forms, to preparing the necessary paperwork for visa application (if needed).

English Academy is proud to support students who want to experience Malaysian education and simultaneously, experience Malaysian hospitality and heritage. Malaysia awaits you!


Your healthcare and wellbeing is essential, and as such, all international students at English Academy are required to subscribe to student health coverage applicable for use in Malaysia. As an international student, you are given a reliable insurance healthcare package that ensures that you have taken the necessary precautions while studying in Malaysia. Students can also get minor treatment at the English Academy clinic on main campus. This would all be organized by English Academy, and is a requirement upon application for a student Visa.

These are the questions we are most frequently asked about.
If you have a question and cannot find the answer below, please contact us – we’ll be happy to help, and we might even add your question to this page.

I want to know more about a course, a school, or accommodation.
If you have a question and cannot find the answer on this website, please contact us. We will be happy to respond and there is no obligation to enroll.

I want to contact a current English Academy student.
If your message is urgent, please contact us via our contact form or phone number, and we will pass your message on.

You can also send a letter by post to the student’s school. Student Services can receive letters and parcels for all current students. See the question above for details of where to find the English Academys’ addresses.

I want to work for English Academy.
Please contact our office for further details.

I am trying to use your application form or contact form but it keeps crashing.
Our apologies! We do our best to ensure that this does not happen, but we know that sometimes errors can occur. You may wish to try a different browser to see if that helps.If not, please contact us by phone or fax:

Phone: You can call us at our office on +603425655308

Fax: +60342603559

Email: inso@geomatika.edu.my

Our working hours are 8.30.00 to 17.30, GMT.       

Where do English Academy students come from?                                                           Literally, from all around the world. When you study with English Academy, you can be sure of meeting and making friends with people from many different nations: we have been delighted to welcome students from more than 40 countries to our Academy.

We try to ensure a good mix of nationalities in each of our classes. That means that there’s less temptation to speak your own language!

On the other hand, if your English isn’t too good, and you’re worried about communicating, relax. Our Academy employ counsellors of many nationalities in case of emergencies or problems. And all our staff have many years of experience in looking after students and understanding even those with a low level of English. We will keep you safe.

Is my English good enough to study at English Academy?
English Academy has an English for Beginners course for students who have no English at all. Our qualified and experienced teachers know the special requirements of beginners, and the support they require. You really can start from zero.

On arrival at the Academy, you will be given an entrance test to ascertain your level. If you have studied a little English, even if it was a long time ago, you are more likely to be placed in an Elementary class.

How long do I need to study for?
That depends entirely on your aims. On average, we reckon that approximately eight weeks of Intensive study will raise your English by one level. We have total of 6 levels.

Are books and materials provided by English Academy, or will I have to pay for my own?
Course books and supplementary materials are not provided by the English Academy on all courses. Students are advised to budget approximately US $50 (RM 150.00) for books for each level.
You may wish to purchase additional supporting books, although they are not essential.

Do I need a visa?
Visa information changes frequently and differs according to your nationality, destination, and the purpose of your visit. Please contact our office for further information. We are happy to help as best we can, although the most up-to-date information will come from your destination country’s embassy. Our Enrolment Advisors have plenty of experience and can guide you in your application.

If I cancel the course or leave early, am I eligible for a refund?
Please see the cancellation and withdrawal sections of our terms and conditions.

I want to see more pictures of the English Academy/ location / accommodation.
Please contact us. We have many more images than we can realistically publish on the website, and in many cases our Enrolment Advisors have also visited the schools ourselves and can answer specific questions..

I made an enquiry but have not yet received a reply. Why?
Your enquiry should trigger an automatic email within a few minutes (longer when our server is busy). If this has not happened, please check your spam folder.

There is no need to reply to this automatic email. An adviser will contact you as soon as possible – normally within 48 hours, although possibly longer during peak times and on public holidays.

If your enquiry is urgent, you may wish to contact us by phone during our working hours.

How far is English Academy from Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower (KLCC)?
It takes approximately 10 minutes to drive from KLCC to English Academy or 7 minutes by train.


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