The General English Course (GEC)

Who should enroll in this programme?
The General English Course (GEC) is ideal for university-bound students, professionals with a limited time for study and serious students who want to learn English quickly. Its certificate is accepted by many universities and colleges in place of TOEFL and IELTS for entry requirements. Featuring 6 levels, this programme is suitable for students with different levels of English – from beginner to advanced.

What is the structure of the programme?
This full-time course is structured to accelerate learning with maximum time spent in English Academy. For 23 hours of intensive English classes a week, it enables you to reach your academic and career goals in the shortest time possible.

What will you learn?
Students will be trained and taught by experience lecturers from this Centre in acquiring their English language skills in Reading, Writing, Listening, Grammar and Speaking through creative approaches leading towards improving and enhancing their English language.

Foundation level
Students who are absolutely having zero or little understanding of English will be placed into this level. This level is intended for those who would want to develop heir English Language at the foundation level. Students will be exposed to the convention of English language structures in daily contexts, vocabulary, simple grammatical forms and basic sentence structures. It is hoped that at the end of the course, they ought to be able to write simple paragraphs, simple sentences and make use of the language in a daily conversation.

Basic level
The basic level will continuously expose students to use the English language in daily situations effectively. Additional vocabulary and grammatical forms will be introduced into the lessons, and students will be taught to use longer sentences and how to construct them. Upon completion of the course, they are able to understand passages, write a simple paragraph and employ the English language in a mixture of daily situations.

Intermediate level
In this level more importance would be put on the students capability to comprehend longer passages, write proper paragraphs and make the most of the language to articulate themselves more successfully in speaking and writing. They should have obtained the vocabulary and grammar skills required in order to write paragraphs and then write a good piece of simple essay.

Upper Intermediate level
Students in this stage will be introduced to more complex grammatical forms, sentence structures and extensive vocabulary of the English language. New complex passages would be presented in which, at the end of the course, they will be able to express their views and ideas effectively in their delivery and construct a more complex essay.

Advanced level
In this level greater prominence would be specified on the procedure of Academic English language at the tertiary level. Hence, students are able to understand complex passages and react to them critically. They would be able to write controlled paragraphs and apply complex sentences as well as extensive vocabulary to communicate their ideas well both in speech and writing upon completion of this course.

Special Needs
This is a unique level in which students whom are placed in this level would be given special attention to any skills needed. More challenging and creative exercises will be given to challenge the students ability and hence, moving towards mastery of any skills desired by the student. Also, students are given the freedom to control their learning path whereby they are encouraged to attempt doing exercises via self access learning or internet. Thus, upon completion of this level, students would have acquired mastery in at least one of the skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking.

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