To be the leading provider of continuing education and distance learning programmes in all branches of knowledge, based on the principles of Islamisation, Integration, Internationalisation and Comprehensive Excellence (IIICE)


  • To be a preferred medium to market IIUM education products and expertise
  • To promote and commercialise IIUM expertise in the area of education and training
  • To offer excellent continuing education solutions to local and international markets by capitalising on IIUM resources and expert areas
  • To mobilise relevant IIUM human capital aiming for profitable returns for the centre
  • To involve Undergraduate and Postgraduate students in the training and teaching activities as moderators and lecturers


  • To mobilize all available expert resources in IIUM, especially in the fields of Revealed Knowledge, for the benefit of the country and the Muslim Ummah.
  • To conduct and coordinate continuing education and distance learning programmes for the International Islamic University of Malaysia.
  • To provide the opportunity to all Muslim Ummah to gain higher education, to develop their skills and to broaden their knowledge.


The centre offers academic programmes in various disciplines. The programmes that we offer are unique as they integrate in the syllabus Islamic teachings, morale and ethics.

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